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stay safe: aerosolis

continuous protection


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What you need to know.


How can you get infected through airborne transmission?

Viruses, bacteria and pollutants are spread through the air. Just like through direct contact, tiny droplets of secretion are transferred from the respiratory tract to the mucous membranes of other people. These suspended particles with a size between 1 to 20 micrometers move freely in the room air for a period of 3 to 6 hours. They then stick to surfaces for up to 72 hours.



How does aerosolis prevent infection?

aerosolis devices render these viruses and bacteria floating or submerged in the air harmless, like a protective grille that fills the room, in which viruses and bacteria cannot survive.

The devices continuously distribute extremely small aerosols (only 5 micrometers, that is 0.005 mm) evenly in the room, which destroy the virulent suspended particles. The disinfecting solution consists of 99.95% water and 0.05% HClO. With a pH value of 7, HClO (hypochlorous acid) is completely harmless to humans and due to the high dilution it can hardly be smelled. The humidity in the room is also only increased minimally (<1%).



Has the effect of aerosolis been proven?

aerosolis devices clean the air from viruses, bacteria, but also from fungal attack and other pollutants introduced into the room air. The neutralizing effect of HClO on these secretion droplets has been proven and certified by the ECHA (European Chemicals Agency). Please check these references and case studies for further information about HOCl itself.


Our teams in Germany, China, India and the United Arab Emirates bring together smart products, a robust technology platform and a remarkable enthusiasm to make a difference by protecting the world against disease caused by pathogens.

Our concepts rely on machines that work automatically and continuously in the background to protect while intruding as little as possible the personal freedom of the individual.  Our systems are equipped with sensors and have the connectivity to be all individually and in freely definable groups accessible via state of the art Internet of Things technology that we make available to our customers.

Below please find some examples of our machines and their workings.  We are eager to work with you on concepts that make use of our machines, software and substances.


Our devices offer continuous disinfection of air and surfaces.


The keyfunction of our devices is to generate water droplets that contain 0.05% HOCl and render viruses such as corona and bacteria harmless.

We dust off HOCl, a substance that is known from various uses, for example in swimming pools, in an intensity that is harmless to humans.

The HOCl-water mixture creates a virtual protective grid from the 5 micrometer small droplets that make the corona viruses in the air and on surfaces completely harmless.


Our device offers continuous protection in a quiet and energy-saving manner for people who are in the room and those who enter this room.

In addition to the room air, HOCl water droplets also disinfect all surfaces on which they are placed.


In this way we create an additional "virtual protective mask" in closed rooms with the effect of a sea breeze on Sylt comparable to humans.


Build trust with customers, patients, guests, employees or students, show that they care about them in particular and use one of the oji devices.



Note: click on the pictures and receive the technical data sheets for the devices.

Proven results


The liquid we use has been used as a disinfectant for many years because it is very effective against viruses and bacteria, but harmless to humans.

Studies show that our chosen administration of only 0.77 ml / m³ per day is 20 times below the permissible limit values. The many years of use of spraying HOCl by cold misting has also been proven in tests by Henkel and others.


The effectiveness of using the liquid in lower doses, but in a continuous manner, has been proven in numerous calculation models.

This shows that the liquid, whether atomized as a mist or distributed as a liquid, significantly reduces the viral load.


aerosolis devices have significant advantages over filter devices because they are quieter at around 40 dB when fully operated and use less energy.


Another advantage: you don't have to be an expert to use our devices.

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