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We established oji as an interdisziplinary team to create protection against possible infection by bacteria or viruses.  We work on comprehensive concepts that include machines, software and substances.  Our team members in Asia witnessed what the lack of experience, machines, software and substances can do to people already during the times of SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) in 2003 and MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) in 2012.  With this new Corona virus outbreak in 2019 we unfortunately still have the same problems.  And we shall not be blinded by the hope that we will quickly have a vaccine or that this will never happen again. 


We are convinced that mankind can do better than spray bottles, napkins and paper masks.  We are also convinced that social distancing will not work for mankind in the long run.  Instead we have been working on machines that work continuously and automatically in the background, that are equipped with useful sensors and state of the art connectivity so that they can all be controlled on adequate internet platforms.  At the same time we worked on masks and gloves that provide much higher wearing comfort and thereby increase the acceptance in public.  With this we create a certain level of redundancy.  If the air of a room is not sufficiently disinfected, people are hopefully wearing a mask; if the door handle in a restroom area is not sufficiently disinfected, people are hopefully wearing gloves.  This redundancy is the minimum to expect from a safe operating concept.

Our company is fundamentally global.  Our teams work seamlessly and intensely with each other regardless of their geographical location.  This brings you the wealth of experience from all over the planet.  You should demand nothing less when it comes to health issues.

(Gundeep Singh and Dr. Thomas Bone-Winkel)


We work closely with a wide range of clients across public & private sector. Our client list includes interior design firms, hotels and resorts, small business as well as large groups.

Dubai Airport

Dubai World Trade Centre

Abu Dhabi Airport

Etisalat, Dubai

St. Mary's Hospital, Seoul

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Urban Railway Corporation, Daejeon

IKEA, Pusan

Parq Vancouver Casino, Canada

And many more.






oji - The Brand


oji's Brands philosophy is based on the Ojibwe tribe legend of a 'Spider Woman' who protected the Ojibwe tribe spiritually. As the Ojibwes spreaded all over the country it was too hard for 'spider woman' to protect them, so she made them a spider-like web, a maternal keepsake, which mothers and grandmothers started to recreate.

It was said, that these dreamcatchers would catch any harm that might be in the air and woudl let all good things still come thorugh, like a spider web does. 

Just like that oji carefully selects the best of solutions for homes, corporates and projects, adding value, convenience, innovation, reliability and protection.

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