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Plastic Crusher

Item summary

Plastic squashing device is a high-speed running device. The products went into from feed receptacle to Plastic Crusher squashing chamber and smashed by using the turning effect of revolving pressure and simultaneous shearing of set pressure and removaling pressure. Various grain dimensions are offered by altering sifting display with openings in various dimensions. It's developed to separate all type of soft and difficult plastic, such as plastic movie, plastic container, PVC pipeline, rubber and various other squander product.

Benefits of the plastic crusher

1)Simple framework, small dimension, light self weight and much less system item power consumption;

2)The front and back wall surfaces of squashing space utilize double-layer sound-proof with reduced noise;

3)Steady motion, little resonance, simple to operate;

4)with solid reducing pressure, Plastic CrusherHigh efficiency, huge squashing proportion and consistent fragment dimension

5)Inlet receptacle, squashing space and testing container is separed, and simple to tons and unload;

6)Special develop for squashing space, no product avoid, big feed inlet and simple to charge;

7)After squashing , last scraps can be straight feeded into extruder.

Plastic Crusher​Applications

1. This device appropriates for crush lots of type of plastic movie and various other soft products.

2. Appropriate for reusing of plastic housing ,slim tube plastics, shot and mold and mildew industry, Plastic Crushercontainer plastic and covering plastics,


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