Systems to protect company assets by being able to fast and flexibly manage access to areas, rooms, desks, machines.  Our Securesis lock systems replace conventional locks that allow our customer to remotely manage all access to its premises in real time.

Now we also need to protect the company itself!


Our Securesis system allows you to lock doors as well as drawers and file cabinets with smart locks.



Securesis systems allow opening with smart keys, fingerprint, face recognition, number code and with the smart phone.  Did we miss anything?


It has a DIY Style installation with an easy to replace cylinder, an ideal fit for euro profile doors. With no drilling required on the door and adjustable cylinder length, it is a great option for tenants and SME offices.

Image by Jason Blackeye


Securesis can even do padlocks offering all the same opening options as stated above.


Securesis can manage hundreds of thousand locks for your organization at the same time using a state of the art internet of things platform.  Sometimes you might need to be able to restrict or give access to certain areas of the company without a tedious key registration procedure.

Image by Nichlas Andersen
Image by sarah birasa


Imagine you do not have to wait for the room key at the reception desk.  It was sent to you on your mobile phone.


You can never forget the key again.  You can also never forget to lock the door again.  This is taken care of by our intelligent lock systems.

Image by Brian Babb
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