Surfacis machines automatically and continuously clean and disinfect handrails of any given type of escalator or travellator.


Already more than 20.000 installed WECLEAN worldwide.


for surfaces

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has never been so accurately and so inconspicuous at the same time


sanitizes and disinfects all pathogens on surfaces of the escalator handrails



increases the life of the handrail and its maintenance cycles and can be managed and monitored through IOT.


can advertise and relay information on its easy programmable screen through visual communication



fits any escalator handrail

How WECLEAN works

3-step cleaning

  1. An eco-friendly, natural disinfectant kills germs on the handrail

  2. A 3-tier lint-free roller wipes off dust, dirt and disinfectant residue

  3. Philips UV lamp gets rid of UV bacteria & ensure the hand rail is completely dry.


1. Eco-friendly sterilization, disinfection, deodorization liquid

Eco-friendly sterilization / disinfection / deodorization liquid spray

  • Removal of various bacteria and viruses (1 liter / month)

  • Easy to replace liquid by simple structure design

  • Safe and eco-friendly product

  • Key role in the structure optimized for the moving escalator handrail


2. 3-tier Cleaning roller

Completely removes foreign substances in triple action structure

No scratch on handrail
Fully automatic design by interlocking motion sensor


3.  UV-C LED sterilization drying

  • Powerful UV 235.7nm UV

  • Secondary sterilization of various bacteria and viruses by supporting the sterilization liquid

  • Proven Philips surface sterilization


7-inch LCD Monitor

Real-time notice / public information transmission system
Video, image, audio transmission
Information transmission on high-definition screen


Easy to mount/remove over existing escalators.

Up / down / left / right adjustment

  • Suitable for all escalator brands

  • Easy removal / attachment

  • Easy maintenance

  • Adjustable bracket

Efficient management

Automatic 24 hour cleaning and sterilization control

Real-time monitoring and control with IoT (Internet of Things) technology

Optional features:

  • People counter – Measures the frequency of use via a motion sensor

  • Fine dust sensor – PM 2.5 and PM 10

  • Auto motion sensor

  • Temperature & humidity sensor

  • Emergency Switch (E/C) Connect

  • Automatic Driving (IR) Sensor – E/C Connect



Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Airports, hotels, large buildings, office towers, etc.


Tech Specs

Main board     ARM Cortex TM-Al Dual- Core / DDR3 1 G

Storage     eMMC(4.5) 4GByte I MICRO SD CARD 16GByte

OS     ANDROID 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)

Management Program     SWIT-MSC 1.0

Display    7inch LCD panel 800 x 480

Speaker    SPEAKER OUT(2.0W)

Wifi & USB     WLAN 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz / 5GHz & USB2.0

UV LED     UV-C 27Snm

Measurements     Size: 862 x 510 x 186 mm          Weight: 18 kg (without packaging)


Mover counter sensor      940nm laser VCSEL

Fine dust sensor (PM sensor)       laser particle sensor module_PM2.5, PM10

Temperature & Humidity sensor      heating flow type_- 40°C-12S°C , RH 0-100%



Cleaning Roller      Sponge R/L : 1 ea       Cleaning R/L: 2ea

Sterilization Liquid      Hydrogen peroxide (0.5%)         Sodium benzoate (1.0%)        Purified water (98.5%)

TÜV / Certificate of Conformity:            yes

User Manual

User Manual Sanitizer:       yes

User Manual Screen:          yes


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the proof that the disinfection is done? How can we measure it?

The weclean escalator and travellator handrail cleaning and disinfection units (“wecleaners”) are sold around the globe.  20,000 wecleaners are already installed in airports, metro stations, malls et cetera from the past 14 years.  

wecleaners are well tested in leading and reputed testing laboratories.  Based on culture analysis, before and after, the handrails show a 99.99% drop in CFU (colony forming units) after this product has been used for more than 3 hours for first installation and continuously thereafter.  wecleaners achieve continuous cleaning, germ elimination and sterilization on the handrails.  Every visitor is greeted by truly clean handrails.

To verify locally swab samples are taken from escalators with wecleaners and compare the results with swabs taken from escalators without wecleaners.

How does the disinfection of the “sides” of the handrail happen?

wecleaners use a 3-step process to clean and disinfect handrails.  Disinfection liquid is applied to the top and sides of the handrails.  Then microfiber rollers are slightly pressed to the handrails that cover the top and the sides of the handrail to ensure the removal of all the dirt particles on the handrail.  Finally, powerful UVC lights will ensure the surface and sides are disinfected by neutralizing germs, fungi and pathogens.


Please see the below:



Every escalator or travellator comes with varied length depending on the height of the floors.  How do we estimate the change of consumables such as rollers and the disinfection liquid?

Irrespective of the length of the escalator or travellator the handrails move at a steady speed measuring 1 meter/sec.  The length of the escalator or travellator has no influence on the consumption of the wecleaner.  With the experience of 14 years in the industry and assuming normal use, we recommend replacing the rollers and the disinfection liquid once every month.  There may be more wear and tear in heavily used areas such as Metro stations where maintenance is recommended at shorter intervals.

Since wecleaners are connected to the cloud, the facility manager gets automatic updates on the status of the machine and the level of consumables.

The same dirty rollers are used continually for a one-month period.  This may not be effective in disinfection and removal of the particles from the handrails.

The eco-friendly wecleaner disinfection liquid is diffused to the handrails first and then in a second step to  the rollers.  The rollers are made of 3 tiered lint free micro fiber materials which are very durable.   With the experience of 14 years in the industry and assuming normal use, we recommend replacing the rollers and the disinfection liquid once every month.  There may be more wear and tear in heavily used areas such as Metro stations where maintenance is recommended at shorter intervals.  Note that wecleaner rollers are relatively inexpensive to replace.

Since wecleaners are connected to the cloud, the facility manager gets automatic updates on the status of the machine and the level of consumables.

How is the wecleaner integrated with the motion detection system of the escalator or travellator?  

wecleaners are powered by 12V DC supply.  Our motion sensors built into the device will detect if the escalator or travellator is running or not.  If there is no motion the wecleaner will stop automatically and go to standby.  The device will restart automatically after the escalator or travellator resumes operation.

The average life of the rollers and disinfectant liquid is one month.  It is highly recommended to replace them to maintain the effectiveness of the cleaning and disinfection level.

Who can replace the disinfectant liquid and the rollers?

Proteck provides adequate supply of consumables and user training to the maintenance team on how to replace the disinfectant liquid and the rollers periodically.  It is as simple as changing cartridges in a printer.  Since wecleaners are connected to the cloud, the administrative user can check the status of each wecleaner at any time and gets notifications when the replacement of consumables is due.

How easy is the initial set-up of the device?  Will it fit different escalator or travellator brands?

wecleaners are universal.  They are easily fitted to any brand of escalators or travellator from suppliers like KONE, Thyssen Krupp, Otis, Schindler etc.,

Installation is simple.  We need to power 12 V DC to the device and align it to the “U” shape of the escalator or travellator.   We fix the base firmly, fasten with screws and clamp the device to the glass portion on the escalator or travellator.  Our trained technicians set-up one pair of wecleaners within 1-2 hours maximum. 

wecleaners have been tested with:



What is the use of the LCD Display?

wecleaner’s built in 7” LCD monitor with a resolution of 800x480 is helpful to communicate with customers. It also indicates that the sterilization and cleaning is in progress.  The wecleaner also announces the moving direction of the escalator.  The messaging can be centrally administered from the administration console.  The screen can be programmed individually or collectively to display messages, pictures or videos as required by the customer.  In case of an emergency it can also be programmed to display key messages to guide people as required.  The entire weclaen system is Android based and can be managed from a central server or authorized mobiles.

What is the Life cycle of the device and the failure rate?

wecleaners are made of very high-quality components and materials.  The machine is designed to have a life cycle of around 8 years.  It will require periodic maintenance to make sure the machine is running continuously (24/7) without interruption.

Valid MTBF (mean time between failures) data for the past 12 years of use combined with FEA analysis of the structure and key components has resulted in a failure rate of less than 0.2% per year or 0.6% for a period of 3 years.

What is the standard warranty for the product?  Can it be extended?

The standard warranty is 12 months and can be extended to 5 years.  The warranty can only be extended with an AMC contract with an authorized representative of weclean machines.

What other add-ons are available for wecleaners?

wecleaners offer a variety of optional sensors for “People Counting”, “ Fine Dust Sensor”, “Temperature and Humidity sensor” and “Emergency  switch E/C connect”.

How easy is it to replace a faulty unit?  What about service?

In case of any breakdown or malfunctioning, the device can be easily removed and replaced within a few minutes onsite by trained technicians.  We recommend in high traffic and critical areas to have 1% spares available on site as.  Proteck is committed to continuous disinfection systems.  We are committed to provide your visitors with clean handrails at any time.  The company will repair and return the spare unit(s) within the defined SLAs.

What is the safety aspect of the device?

WeCleaners and its consumables meet the highest standard for safety.  Physically, when the device is installed along with the escalator or travellator the whole machine will look like one full unit.  wecleaners provide the following safety measures:

  1. The gaps between the wecleaner and the elevator or travellator is approximately only 2mm so that no fabric or other material can get caught. 

  2. wecleaners have a fully encapsulated roller system with pinch protection at the top, bottom and sides.

  3. wecleaner’s systems are 12V low current with concealed wiring preventing electric shocks.

  4. wecleaner’s liquids used are certified as fully safe for surface application and disinfection.  They are ecologically friendly and do not harm the handrails.

  5. wecleaner’s UVC lamps are within a coated and encapsulated parabolic reflector; no UVC light can leak from the sides.

  6. wecleaner’s rollers are controlled by a sensor and any fault will automatically send a message to the local maintenance team.

  7. wecleaner’s messaging screen has tempered glass as protection and will not break easily.  In case of vandalism it will shatter into small pieces.  

wecleaners are fully safe to be deployed in public places and to large crowds of people. 

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